The interactive multimedia method that lets you learn how to play guitar very fast, play your favorite songs and compose your tracks!

The Fast Music Method allows you to learn just what you need in a short time, effortless and having fun

  • Tune the guitar using the Tuner Software included free in the method.
  • Play without having to know music theory.
  • Know how to use your left hand fingers properly in the building and execution of each chord.
  • Learn picking and rhythm of your right hand (some easy learning exercises and a lot of audio examples of playing in different musical styles).
  • Interactivity with sounds and images for every chord of the C Major key and its "minor relative" A Minor.
  • Know the most common chord sequences in a song (secret trick that very few people know).
  • Learn quickly all the chords that you can build on the degrees of the Major Scale and the harmonic Minor Scale.
  • Listen to a lot of audio files that help you discover the secrets of modern music (250).
  • Choose the right chords for playing "by ear" and composing music.
  • Compose a modern music song.

If you have never studied music or if you just started without being able to play the music you love, this is the course for you. The Fast Music Method has been developed by making practical the topics covered, making the explanation of definitions and rules very simple and allowing anyone to learn how to play the guitar.

The course consists of seven parts.
What makes it unique is this series of features:

  • Software Tuner: just tap the audio icons corresponding to each string to immediately tune the guitar and start playing it in a while
  • Musical learning time optimization
  • No pentagram to play or study
  • No solfège lessons
  • All the chords that can be built on the degrees of the major and minor harmonic scales
  • The most appropriate chords sequence in a song execution
  • Handbook of the Major Keys and the relative Minor Keys with all the chords for each of them
  • Musical examples and harmonic analysis of different famous songs about the times (4/4, 3/4, etc.) and the chord sequences
  • The right "fingering" for the left hand in the building and execution of each chord
  • Some recurring compositive macro-structures and useful suggestions
  • A lot of audio files that help you discover the "secrets" of modern music
  • The indispensable notions of musical theory
  • Left hand: barre chord and locking nut
  • Right hand: picking and rythm (some easy learning exercises and numerous audio examples of executive modes in different musical styles)
  • How to compose a modern music song

If you want some reviews, here are the opinions of who has already bought the course

The greatest satisfaction, for us, is to spread our passion for music. Many people who bought our guitar method write us to thank us for the work done, which has helped them to quickly and easily play and have fun with this wonderful instrument!

  • I will never stop thanking you, finally a practical and complete course for a self-taught like meLuca
  • Since I received the course I learned to play all the chords on the guitar in no time!Chiara
  • It's a complete and clear method, basic concepts are explained and finally I can play that guitar that has been in the attic for years!Luigi
  • A friend showed me how to play some chords, but now with the Fast Music Method I finally can play all the songs I love and why not .. maybe make up something of mine!Stefano

Fill the form and download the demo

The demo files contain a little selection (~10%) of the total slides from the complete course.
We use it to show the interactive and multimedia method the course is based on, which makes learning very fast and easy!

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