The interactive multimedia method that teaches you step by step how to play the keyboard starting from scratch, without having to read the music!

The Fast Music Method is a multimedia course for keyboard, organized in 5 parts plus a very useful attachment

  • Introduction
  • Part I: Preparatory musical notions
  • Part II: Left hand - Harmony, musical accompaniment
  • Part III: Right hand - The melody
  • Part IV: Harmony together with melody
  • Part V: How to make a modern music song
  • Tonalities and chords handbook

The tips, tricks, texts, images and many audio music files (more than 260 audio files between single notes, single chord formation, chord sequences, samples of different music genres from rock to tango, simpler musical scales performed in both major and minor keys) make this method a fun, easy and intuitive didactical instrument indispensable both for beginners and for musician in search of improvement.

The features of the Fast Music Method keyboard course are the following:

  • Execution "by ear" of known songs, so no pentagram to play or study
  • No solfège lessons
  • Musical learning time optimization
  • Full description of the keyboard octave and keys/notes/sounds interactivity
  • All the chords that can be built on the degrees of the major and minor harmonic scales
  • The most appropriate chords sequence in a song execution
  • Sounds/images interactivity for every chord of the C Major key and its "minor relative" A Minor (chords building and execution)
  • Handbook of the Major Keys and the relative Minor Keys with all the chords for each of them
  • Musical examples and harmonic analysis of different famous songs about the times (4/4, 3/4, etc.) and the chord sequences
  • The right "fingering" for the left hand (accompaniment) and for the right hand (melody)
  • Execution of some Major and Minor scales, easy to play
  • Schemes highlighting "diesis" or "bemolli" to be played for each Major or Minor keys while performing the melody with the right hand
  • Some recurring compositive macro-structures and useful suggestions
  • A lot of audio files that help you discover the "secrets" of modern music

Read some of the comments of those who have tried the keyboard course

The greatest satisfaction, for us, is to spread our passion for music. Many people who bought our keyboard method write us to thank us for the work done, which has helped them to quickly and easily play keyboard and have fun with this wonderful instrument!

  • The results obtained with the Fast Music Method exceed my expectations. I had abandoned the keyboard because I could not play; hearing the first results after a few days encouraged me to start overLorenzo
  • I received your Fast Music Method yesterday and wanted to tell you that I was very happy with it. I will soon also buy the Guitar method because I would love to play that too!Marco
  • I'm happy because I can finally play something catchy. I learned how to make arrangements and I hope I will learn how to improvise!Carla
  • The method works, I found it very clear, complete and functional! Congratulations on your initiative!Giovanni
  • Although I've been playing the keyboard for years at amateur level, I found the method very interesting and practical. The simple but significant exercises helped me a lot!Augusto
  • I've purchased your Fast Music Method and I must say I liked it so much! I'm learning really fast!Silvano

Fill the form and download the demo

The demo files contain a little selection (~10%) of the total slides from the complete course.
We use it to show the interactive and multimedia method the course is based on, which makes learning very fast and easy!

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