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Author's informations

Pierpaolo D'Angelantonio

Viale Treviri n. 27

63100 Ascoli Piceno (AP) - Italy

VAT number: 01288760448

Questions & Answers

Is the Fast Music Method ideal for a beginner?

Yes, it is absolutely suitable for any beginner as it is intended for those who start from scratch. It is also recommended to all those who have so far played "by ear" because it allows to consolidate their knowledge and musical skills.

What are the advantages of the Fast Music Method?

It's great for those who want to get started right away to put their hands on the keyboard or guitar.
It's great for those who want to learn fast.
It's great for those who want to accompany themselves while singing or playing other instruments.
It is great for those who prefer the practical aspect instead of theory.

Why is the Fast Music Method innovative from a didactic point of view?

Because the beginner who approaches his musical instrument (keyboard or guitar) for the first time has the ability to learn quickly how to play chords and the right chord sequence to be able to play his favorite song by seeing the related images on his PC and listening how it sounds, by simply touching its audio icons.

What is the right age to start playing with the Fast Music Method?

With the Fast Music Method children can learn to play since 8 years old and learn the fundamentals of music with help of the parents even though they have never attended music schools, even if they start from scratch as beginners/self-taught.

Is there a paper version of the Fast Music Method?

No, there's not a paper version available. To ensure immediate learning and to begin playing in a very short time, the author has chosen to make this method as a digital multimedia product, which guarantees the interactivity of sounds / images.

What is the basis of the methodology of the Fast Music Method?

The Fast Music Method is based on the fundamental rules of musical harmony and is very easy, practical and intuitive for learning the right chords and harmonic sequences.

How long it takes to learn how to perform the accompaniment of any known song/genre?

Usually it takes a couple of evening hours for two consecutive days.

Can I use the Fast Music Method if I have a MacOS or Linux operating system?

We can not offer full compatibility at this time. From our tests we have verified that the course file is opened but the interface is not properly formatted, so experience will not be optimal. We apologize for this inconvenience, our technicians are working to correct this. Tell us if you want to be contacted when the Fast Music Method is available on these platforms.

I had problems while downloading and didn't get the file, what can I do?

Our system provides that each user has up to 3 attempts within a maximum of 48 hours to download, so simply try downloading the file again. If you run out of unsuccessful attempts please do not hesitate to contact us through the form on this page.

I had a problem with payment (Paypal or any other), what should I do?

Please contact our technical support; we'll investigate the situation and we'll say to you what to do. When everything will be ok, we'll provide you the link to download the Fast Music Method.

I've chosen the wrong payment method or inserted wrong informations completing the order. Do I have to make another order?

No, just contact us with the support form on this page, tell us the problem and we'll modify your order, and then tell you what to do next. We always try to offer the best service to our users.

I have not installed Microsoft Office or Powerpoint on my computer, how can I open the Method's file?

You can download the official Powerpoint viewer clicking here.
Please note: the viewer is only compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Fill the form and download the demo

The demo files contain a little selection (~10%) of the total slides from the complete course.
We use it to show the interactive and multimedia method the course is based on, which makes learning very fast and easy!

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